A New Beginning

September 10, 2023

So, here’s me over sharing again.

I finally admitted to myself I had ADHD and pretty significant anxiety. For years I’ve just blamed my mood on being too busy. I work with people with DD and always thought they had something I didn’t.

But then I saw a reel about the ADHD mind. I showed it to a lover with that diagnosis and ask him if that was how his mind worked. He laughed and said yes. I was like is this all, nothing more? Nothing different? Because THIS IS MY BASELINE.

I told a therapist friend and she was like shit, I always thought you knew you were neurodivergent. Well I didn’t. I thought my clients had something else, something different, something more.

Anyway I sat on that for a couple of months. I finally went to see a psych np and tried some meds. And holy shit I can think without it being like there’s a wrecking ball in my head and a shitty compilation medley playing on loop. And I’m not getting pissed off disproportionately.

My father used to say that I was like a fart in a whirlwind. I’m sure I’ve had this all my life. Glad I figured it out finally. Maybe I can be productive now

Anyway telling because it might help someone else.