Cancer Parenting Renovation

I’m Not Just One Thing. I’m All of This and More

November 6, 2022

I disappeared for a bit because I got super sad from all of the shitty comments.

The house people make shitty comments when I post about cancer stuff, the cancer people gripe when I post house stuff, and others just say mean stuff about my appearance. It all got to me.

But I’m not just one of those things. I’m all of them and more. So I’m excited to show the reno people what I’m working on, to continue to speaking with my cancer friends, and to talk about the single mum stuff. I just need to toughen up I guess…

So I am back to wanting to post a couple of times a week. To talk about the amazing tile score I got recently, about how my hot water heaters are both dying at the same time, about how V is struggling in school and how I am trying to support her, about my houseplant failures and triumphs, about my upcoming cancer check up, about the cancer scare I had in the summer that I didn’t elaborate on after I got comments like “we’ve all had that scare before, it’s no big deal” . If people don’t care they don’t have to read it. But someone might and it’ll be here if they do…

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