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Finally Some Hope

July 7, 2023

I was starting to feel really hopeless about my health. That I was never going to feel any better. Walking was becoming problematic. I have fallen 8 times in 6 weeks one of them pretty significantly. I was cancelling events, not seeing friends, not doing anything becasue it was taking all of my energy just to work and tend the house. I actually started thinking about moving because I couldn’t maintain things here.- those of you that really know me know that is an indicator of how major this is.

My OMM recommended a person who does medical massage and lymph drainage. She said she’d had clients rave about her. It sounded like bullshit, I’ve had multiple massages since my surgery, but I scheduled an appointment for last night. She had to do a lot of functional work before she could even start on the lymph stuff but for 2 hours she stuck her thumbs into my tissue breaking up adhesions and cording an unfucking 9 years of mess. Then she got onto the lymph stuff.

My urine was literally brown for about 12 hours. I slept like a corpse. Today I can put shoes on I haven’t been able to wear in a year. I have leggings on that I have never been able to wear and I can move my arm where this port scar is.

The treatment is pricey, and time consuming, and not covered by my insurance so that blows. But for the first time in several years, I have hope that my health might be at least partially salvageable. I have been weepy all day. Partly from happiness and partly from the bitterness of time that was lost. Fingers crossed it continues to help.

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