Cooking Blender

April 25, 2021

***Let me start by saying I didnt get paid or sponsored to post this. Although I did get my blender free from having a Pampered Chef party a few months ago.

Yesterday I felt like shit. Complete and total shit. Idk what was happening but I was absolutely exhausted and ended up napping accidentally for 2 straight hours. I couldn’t get warm and I couldn’t wake up. But, you don’t get to take full days off when you’re a single mom so I drug my ass out of bed, cleaned the house, and tried to figure out wtf I was going to make for dinner. I had a boatload of roma tomatoes to use up so I decided to make some tomato soup. Normally I would roast the tomatoes for a couple of hours then blend them up and simmer the soup on the stove. It would be a huge pain in the ass and take forever. Back in January I had a Pampered Chef party and got a metric shit ton of free stuff. Like over $1000 worth of free product as my host rewards. It was INSANE. I would totally recommend throwing a party.

Anyway, one of the free things I got was a blender that cooks too. I know that might sound a little ridiculous but hear me out- IT COOKS TOO. Who was the genius that thought of this?? Are they single? Do they want to marry me and share their brilliance with me? No? Ok fine. Whatever. My money is on a single mom as the creator who is too damn busy for a relationship anyway. Because I am that mom I hadn’t used my sweet new appliance yet so I thought I’d give it a try. It came with a little cookbook thingy so I used that as a guide. Except for baking, I usually take recipes as a suggestion and just kind of wing it and do my own thing. This called for a 28oz can of tomatoes so I just weighed the romas I had and used those.

almost 28 oz of romas

It called for 1/2 or 1/4 cup of veg broth (cant remember which), garlic, 2 more romas, onion (I dont like onions very much at all so I skipped this) and that was all. So, I did this instead

Not very well crafted Ingredients pile photo

I had some little containers of broth that are about to expire so I just chucked that in there. I added a bunch of feta becasue I wanted more of a creamy texture, Feta is like my bff. It’s one of the reasons I’ll never be a skinny girl. That and booze. There’s beer coming later. But I digress… (mmmm beeeeer).

Penzeys is one of my favorite vendors ever
I buy all of the smooshed up herbs Gourmet Garden makes

This spice blend from Penzeys is one of my favorite things so I dumped a ton in there. The recipe called for fresh basil at the end but I wanted more basil flavor so I added this in the beginning too. That’s it. I just dumped it all in there, hit the soup button and it did it’s thing.

It intermittently blended everything and then cooked it for 15 minutes. While that was going I did grilled cheese sandwiches on my electric skillet. I had an old school one of these that wasn’t Teflon coated but I always burned the shit out of everything so I got this one recently and it’s the best thing ever for pancakes and grilled cheese. On a side note I use mayo to coat the bread instead of butter and if you tell my kid I’ll throat punch you. She barely eats anything and she is sure mayo sucks so I have to sneak around like I’m part of some clandestine operation so she doesn’t see this part. If you don’t have an electric skillet you need one. Add on to your kitchen if you don’t have a place to store it. Do a whole fricking remodel to make a space for this if you need to. It’s totally worth it.

So- while the soup was cooking itself and the grilled cheese was on warm I poured myself a Guinness. Guinness is another one of my BFFs and another reason why I’ll never be a skinny girl but I’m gonna say it’s totally worth it.


Anyway- that was it. Things were done. You need to get one of these blender things if you dont have one already. It makes jams and smoothies too so I am going to be checking it out more soon. I was literally in the kitchen for less than 40 minutes total (even taking pictures for this and running the dishwasher). I got to use my sweet new appliance.

The tiny human like the food I made for once. I used up my produce before it went bad so I didn’t have to belittle myself for being a shitty wasteful human. And I got a beer. And then- I went upstairs and sat on my bed and promptly passed out again. Nothing but fun and glamour here. Good thing I started a blog so I could talk about my boring unglamorous life…

♥ Née