April 21, 2021

Well, here it is. I’m finally doing this thing. You all keep telling me I should write a book but I’m not really sure my life lends it self to that. Stuff is scattered and all over the place and I have no clue how I’d make it coherent and put that into a readable book. But a blog will serve my purpose nicely.

In much the same way my facebook posts have been I am expecting to stop by here a few times a week and blab about whatever is happening in my world. The tiny human, the pets, the garden, home improvements, art projects I’ll blab about it all. I’ll also blab about my health which might have a ptsd trigger warning from some people. I’ll try to flag it appropriately. It might be a little sweary here sometimes becasue that’s part of who I am- I am almost 50- I have no intention of trying to change myself too dramatically now.

I’ll do some videos too because that seems to make my family happy. I work a lot and I dont get to see them as much as I would like so I am hoping this helps us to feel more connected too. My friends are scattered all over the globe so I’m hoping this will connect us too- some of them cant access social media where they are. I’m also hoping I meet some new people through here too (keep your dick pics to yourself I get enough of those through social media). I’ve met an amazing group of woman house renovators through Insta and I am now thrilled to call them friends. They inspire the hell out of me and I’ll be doing some stuff with them here too.

I have a few sponsors already (another part of the impetus to get my shit together and get this going) and I’ll be introducing them when I talk about their stuff. I have made it very clear that I’m not here to make money doing product reviews- I’d be on Amazon if that was my thing, but if I like something I’ll share it with you. Conversely, if it sucks, I’ll share that too. I’m never short on opinions. I’ll try to stay away from politics but social justice, equity, decency and ethics are all big things in my world so when they overlap I’ll be bringing them up. Same with religion.

Speaking of opinions, if you’d like to share yours with me you can do that at [email protected] (again keep your dick pics to yourself- seriously- unless I ask specifically just assume I dont want to see it).

So that’s it. It’s ready to go. Thanks for pushing me to do this. I wanted to do it long ago.

♥ Née

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