Skincare-Because You Asked

March 22, 2022

In the past couple of months I’ve had multiple people ask about my skin care and make up routine. These are actually people who see me in real life and not just the good lighting on my insta. So either they think it’s working or want to do the exact opposite. I thought what the hell. I’ll show you what I use. Not getting paid by companies and I’m sure someone will say “oh, but this is so much better than what you use ” and it might be. But they asked me what I used so here it goes. I’ll do skincare first. I think my makeup will bore you but I’ll do that one next.

So, I’ll start with the night stuff. I much prefer the night. And the dark. That’s no surprise to anyone who knows me and I think I should say that’s one of the reasons I have less wrinkling than I might otherwise. I avoid the sun like the plague (really like the plague not like the morons who didn’t think covid was a threat~ but I digress). I haven’t had a tan since 1989 and I don’t go outside without sunscreen, hats etc. My tiny backyard has 4 market umbrellas in it for a reason. Partly because the medicine I take makes me burn instantly and partly because I don’t like to be hot – there’s only one reason to sweat in my worldview and it’s not because I am roasting in the sun. (insert smirky face emoji)

Anyway- This is what I use for facewash

I cannot say enough good things about Grown Alchemist Gentle Gel Facial Cleanser. I love this brand. Facewash at night- if my makeup is stubborn I’ll remove it with micellular water- any brand.

Then I blot my face dry. Key word BLOT I dont tug on it or pull it- I am a side sleeper so I already mangle it up enough at night. BLOT and then wait for it to dry COMPLETELY.

Tretinoin. This is my BFF. Someone I am seeing turned me on to this and I think he’s a damn genius (for many other reasons too but this is a big one). I got mine from Nurex. They are awesome too. Just a pea size every night. You’re gonna purge. You’re gonna peel. It’s gonna be worth it. Trust me. This is why you make sure your face is dry though. It’s a mess if your face is still wet. Then set a timer for 20 minutes because you have to moisturize after you ret.

Biossance Squalane omega repair cream. After the timer goes off and I’ve scrolled insta I slather this on my face. It’s sooooo good. Shiny. Greasy. Fantastic.

City Lips Clear Plumping. Now I cant say I know if this really plumps but it does smooth. If you want plump you’ll want fillers but that’s a different post. This stuff has a nice burn so you know it’s there. It doesnt work with my lipstick so I only use it at night but I love it.

These lotions keep my old ass from drying up and blowing away. And the epsom salts helps with my neuropathy and edema and the smell is good.

And this amazing stuff helps because I am a side sleeper. It’s horrible for your skin. So is staring at the ceiling all night becasue you’re trying to sleep on your back to not get wrinkles. I use this morning and night. Link for orders

Bom Dia Bright Cream every morning and night on my hands. Hands and neck show aging first.

Ok- morning. Wash with the Grown Alchemist then..

The Ordinary This is sooo good. Hyaluronic acid and B. Just a little- let it dry. FYI I LOVE The Ordinary stuff. Cheap. Clean. Good.

Clean Skin Club Vit C booster. I got this in a sub box and it’s really nice. I’ll definitely buy it when this is gone.

Firming serum is a MUST- all over my neck. This ona brand is awesome.

Olay Moisturizer- I love this one- it’s light and fast drying. The SPF isnt high enough for my pale self so I add a drop of this to the mix. I just blend it all in my palm and rub it on.

Ok. So I know that seems like a lot. Especially if you’re not used to doing stuff but. At night it takes 1/2 hour. Most of it is the 20 minute ret time and that’s when I do a final email check- put on the body lotion and take my nighttime meds. In the morning I wash- then shower. Then the Hyaluronic and C then dry my hair. Then the lotion then brush my teeth and start my makeup. It’s really fast. Make up included I am up, showered dressed and down to my office within 45 minutes max. And that’s a long shower where I shave and exfoliate all of my bits from the neck down every day too- it’s not just a quick rinse.

I know aging isn’t the end of the world. I just don’t want to do it yet. I lost a lot of time in my life to illness and I’d like to still look younger for a bit longer.

Hit me up with questions.

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